Pickens County is situated in the northwestern area of the State. During the late 1700s the county's namesake, Progressive War saint Brig. Gen. Mister Andrew Pickens, arranged the Hopewell Bargain along with the Cherokee Indians. Having Land gave up by the Cherokee turned into the Pickens Region. A huge segment of the fruitful land between the pleasant Keowee and Saluda Streams in the long run became what is presently Pickens County. Built up peace in a town that includes a town hall and a Prison (Gaol) would before long follow.

Pickensville was initially settled close to what is presently Easley City. Most of the bigger structures were situated close to current Easley Fire Station One, Unexpectedly the majority of the early Pickensville buildings were obliterated by fire in the year of 1817. City of Pickensville was moved along the water banks on the Keowee Stream. The principal Courtroom done in the Pickensville Town hall was led in the year of 1820. Pickens Locale Chose its original Sheriff (Reed) in 1829. Following the Common War, the Pickens Region was separated into current day Pickens and Oconee Regions. W.M. Craig was elected as the Sheriff in both Pickens Locale and Oconee.

Subsequent to being established as a county position on July 27, 1868, the new city of Pickens was by and by migrated. The original Pickens Presbyterian Church and burial ground are generally that survive from the Keowee Stream Pickensville. They said that the greater part of the buildings that were already there were torn somewhere near the proprietors to reuse materials. With huge structure, looking like a house, has been found in flying photos made before the development of the Oconee Atomic Station. The house was previously a retail location. To move the town close to Elihu Griffin, gave land for the development of another town hall and prison. The current Pickens Town hall complete with a rooftop vault, which commanded the horizon, was developed during 1868 to 1869. Photos of the town hall seem dreamlike, as the tremendous structure appears to be strange among scanty pines and unclear soil avenues jumbled with ponies and wagons.

The direction of roads and buildings during that period are still found in the current day City of Pickens. Another, bigger Gaol (Prison) was developed in 1902 supplanting the wooden structures of the old stockade situated on Ann Road. Sheriff James Henry Beauty McDaniel was the main Sheriff to deal with the new prison. Sheriff McDaniel along with his family lived on the subsequent Floor.

During the late 1800s, Easley, the biggest city in the county, convinced authorities from the Atlanta-to-Charlotte Carrier Railroad to put tracks throughout the town. The railroad helped fuel improvement of the material business and Clemson College opened its entryway without precedent for 1893. Then in the mid-1960s, the first of the three huge stores were made when the U.S. Armed force Center of Specialists finished Lake Hartwell on the infamous Savannah Waterway. During the 1970s Duke Force made Lakes Keowee and Lake Jocassee to control hydroelectric generators.

Pickens County is presently one of the quickest developing areas in the state with a populace of almost 120,000.

Our Mission

It is the strategic the Pickens County Sheriff's Office to serve all people inside our locale by giving reasonable, proficient, and unbiased law requirement and to play out our obligations with deference and empathy. Our responsibility is to the assurance of life and property; the safeguarding of harmony, request, and security; and the authorization of neighborhood, state, and government laws with genuineness and respectability while keeping up respect for human pride and the individual privileges of our residents.

An Important Message from Sheriff Rick Clark

It is a respect and a benefit to fill in as your Sheriff and I am focused on furnishing you with an office that is receptive to your requirements in a time where the wellbeing of your families and your property can't be undermined.

Since getting down to business in January of 2013, we have rebuilt the organization in a few features with the goal that extra assets could be sent in regions that request the consideration of law implementation and address your interests.

The war on drugs must be battled here in Pickens County and to do that the Sheriff's Office must devote the assets to viably concentrate on wrongdoings normally bringing about the robbery of your property.

History discloses to us that property related misdemeanors are frequently determined by illicit drug use and liquor reliance. Knowing this, we have had a lot of achievement in putting street pharmacists in prison during our initial two years in office.

Aggressive behavior at home keeps on plaguing our extraordinary state and we have a lot of work left to do with the goal that our kids are brought up in families that advance dependability and a solid regard for one another as people.

Through the improvement of our Locale Activity Group, we react to your protests of different issue all through your local that may incorporate however not constrained to tranquilize action, ecological wrongdoings, robbery, petty criminal offenses and trespassing.

The Pickens County Sheriff's Office exists to serve you and we will keep on bending over backward to take a stab at a more secure network through drawing in you and requesting your contribution through a more grounded connection between law implementation and the residents of Pickens County.

The people of the Sheriff's Office place their lives on the line for you and I consistently so we all can have a sense of security in raising our families and directing our business in a zone that is without question perhaps the best county inside South Carolina.

Pickens County Detention Center

Opened since 1984, Pickens County Detention Center is a medium-security detention center situated in Pickens, South Carolina. This office was initially intended to house an aggregate of 91 detainees, yet by 2004, the Pickens County Detention Center experienced over a 240% expansion in the normal day by day populace for the office and expected to extend.

At present, 40 Rectifications Appointees, 5 Adjustments Sergeants, and 1 Lieutenant are liable for giving protected and secure lodging to prisoners being held in the authority of the Pickens County Detention Center.

Pickens County Detention Center offers a Prison Options Program which offers elective projects to qualifying detainees. Such choices incorporate Work Discharge, People group Administration, and Electronic Home Checking.

Visitation Rules/Procedures

Prisoners will be permitted one 1-hour visit for every week.

Visits are constrained to 3 guests of the prisoners picking. Just those recorded on the appearance list rounded out by the prisoner will be permitted to visit.

All guests must check in at the appearance window and present a substantial; state gave I.D., furthermore, be given a guest go from detention staff.

Anybody found in the appearance territory not checked in as well as without a guest pass will be dependent upon end of prompt and future visiting benefits and additionally trespass notice.

Guests entering the office are dependent upon a search. Guests reserve the option to reject the pursuit; nonetheless, refusal ends appearance benefits for that day.

No handbags, packs, guns or weapons of any sort, compound showers, phones, or cameras will be permitted in the office. Every single individual impact must be left at home or in their vehicle.

Officials may deny a visit if a guest shows up affected by any inebriating substance, will not coordinate, or declines an inmate search, neglects to deliver recognizable proof or acts in a muddled way.

All guests are required to adhere to the guidelines of the Detention Staff. Guests neglecting to coordinate will be approached to leave, ending the visit and are dependent upon the denial of visiting benefits.

Kids are to be held under supervision and control during the visit.

Guests must wear preservationist apparel. Short-Shorts, miniskirts, swimming outfits, strap tops, tank tops, low profile shirts or other uncovering attire is restricted and will keep them from visiting. Any guest who deliberately uncovered themselves infringing upon state law during a visit will be arraigned criminally.

Which prisoners do you hold at the facility?

We hold detainees that are legitimately collared and for whom we have an authority request structure from Focal, Clemson, Clemson College, Easley, Freedom, and Pickens Police Offices. We likewise hold prisoners captured by the South Carolina Transportation, SCDNR, SLED, and along with the State Stupendous Jury.